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We are specialized in providing tailor-made solutions of full range products of Glass-lined equipment, carbon steel vessels and nonferrous metals  pressure vessels, air reservoirs of rail transit , desulfurizer and denitrator of power plant, to the chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry, traffic industry and envionment protection industry of power plant. We provide tailor- made solutionto your own applications. Our experienced team will take care of your project from design, equipment manufacturing, installation supervision, commissioning, maintenance, as well as operation training.

We have been in this industry for more than 40 years, in design and manufacturing full range products of Glass- lined equipment, carbon steel  and nonferrous metals vessels, air reservoirs , desulfurizer and denitrator. Our experienced technicians, design engineers, quality engineers, application engineers will ensure your satisfaction to your project, from advanced technology to quality, from design to delivery.

Our customers are include local and global. Our products have been used in Dupont Pesticide, Yangzi-BASF petrochemical, DSM vitamins, Novartis, Guangzhou Lonza, Qingdao TFL, Rhoida, PPG and Beckers industrial coating , Zhejiang Huahai pharmaceutical, Zhejiang NHU, Chengdu Kanghong pharmaceutical, Apptec Co., Yuntianhua group, Jiangsu chemical & pesticide Group.

Suzhou Xieli in the 31st ISO/TC107 Standards Conference held in Yashan City, Korea from February 24 to March 1, 2019.
We are specialized in providing tailor-made solutions of full range products of Glass- -lined equipment, Carbon Steelvessels
Congratulations on the company's website!Congratulations on the company's website!Congratulations on the company's website!

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